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  1. Not checking the form is properly completed.
    a. Make sure that all sections and boxes are correctly ticked
    b. Make sure the names of the parties, date and place of marriage are the same as the Marriage Certificate.
  2. Be clear about your “statement of case”. What’s your “statement of case?” This is the reason why you are filing for a divorce. Provide and include as much information as possible:
    a. If you are divorcing on the basis of 2 years’ separation, make sure your spouse has consented in writing. It is not enough to add this as the basis of your divorce. You must have your spouse/partner’s permission to divorce on this fact.
    b. If you are relying on unreasonable behavior, set out approximate dates and incidences of unreasonable behavior.
    c. If adultery, you need to add the date (or approximate) you discovered, where and how your spouse committed adultery. If possible, add any other evidence with your petition.
  3. Do not assume and expect that the divorce process will be quick. There is no such thing as quick divorce in the UK. It will take between 4-6 months to process the petition, all dependent on the court’s resources.

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