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In short answer to the question, no, there is no such thing.

In England and Wales, it takes approximately between 4-6 months to finalise your divorce.

divorceEven with this estimate, this is only possible if the parties to the marriage are in talking terms and agree to terminate their marriage. The delay can sometimes occur from the court system, i.e. backlog in cases.

In some cases, you may be able to apply to terminate your divorce without waiting for the 6 weeks’ decree nisi period that is compulsory at present.

You will need to apply to the court and you must a valid reason for applying to reduce the waiting time. This can only be possible if you and your spouse/partner agree in writing and there is urgency for you to terminate your marriage.

If you have any question as to process of shortening your waiting time, please contact us or book an appointment here.

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